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Bishop for all the latest news from the world of chess.

The war for Heaven has spilled down to Earth and in the search for souls things are getting nasty.

Detectives Peters and Peters have seen it all over 20 years in the force.  What they lack in qualifications they make up for in enthusiasm.

Archival footage of the first ever wildlife documentary to be commissioned by the BBC.

Written, shot and edited in 48 hours for the film festival of that name.  This is a story of love and luck.

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EPISODE 1Chess_Talk_episode_1.html
EPISODE 2Interrogators_episode_2.html
EPISODE 2Natural_World_of_Nature_episode_2.html
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EPISODE 2For_the_Love_of_God_episode_2.html

If you need it, he can do you a good deal.  And if you don’t need it, he’ll take a couple of quid off.

Short stand up showreel.

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